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Feel Better Naturally L.L.C. Tina Williams Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Therapist 1051 East Bogard Road #14 Wasilla, Alaska 1-907-631-0530
Here at Feel Better Naturally L.L.C., I-ACT certified and LIBBE certified, we provide a clean and relaxing environment for your colon cleansing needs. Colon Hydrotherapy/colonics has been around since 1500 BC. Once called "The Royal Pathway to Health", because of the popularity among Kings, Queens and the Aristocracy in the Victorian Era. NO longer known only to Higherarchy, but for everyone.      Your first colonic session at Feel Better Naturally LLC: As you come through my door, I will hand you an Intake form to fill out regarding your health. Then you will receive a quick tour to familiarize you with the facilities. Your next stop will be to visit the Colonic room where you receive your colonic. I will make sure you are familiarized with the LIBBE and ready to begin your colonic.  I will then set up the device, give you some instructions on how to insert the rectal tube and exit the room. Once you have inserted the rectal tube, you will need to get comfortable and covered with a sheet. When you are ready to begin, you will ring the bell over your left shoulder which will summons me within seconds. We will begin by turning the valve that allows the gravity fed water to gently flow into your colon. You should feel a coolness on your bottom.  During the colonic session you should try and relax, as your body begins to hydrate and cleanse. Once you are releasing feces, I will leave the room for about 3 minutes in order to bring you a hot rice pack to warm your tummy and help the colon release the feces.  During the session, I will leave the room and let you relax. As things begin to soften in your colon it will allow the feces to exit your body.  The session will last approximately 45 minutes, during which  you can watch through a clear tube to your left, all the waste being removed.  At anytime you can use the massager on your belly to help break up the waste.  A timer will sound when your session is done. There will be a Probiotic and Mineral/electrolyte supplements waiting for you at the front counter with bottled water. The body will continue to move waste around for 24 hours, therefore you will need to have another session the next day after this session in accordance with the manufacturers protocol. Commitment is key to obtain complete results.     The LIBBE, FDA approved since 1995, the cadilac of colonic devices; dignity and modesty maintained, never any odor, gravity fed, safe ultraviolet filtered and carbon filtered water, disposable colonic nozzle (size of a pencil), so comfortable and easy to use. There are many possible benefits from cleansing the body; improved digestion health, alleviated constipation, better absorption of nutrients and water, preventing stagnant toxins from being absorbed into the bloodstream, removing parasites, improved energy, weight loss and much more.      Edgar Cayce "the father of Holistic Medicine" adamantly expressed"....a clean colon is vital to our health and well being". Continuing with the problems caused by toxic build-up: stiff knees, skin rash, sluggish liver, kidney problems, feeling tired and listless, dizziness, joint pain, anemia, moodiness and irritability, dark circles under the eyes, hypertension, heart palpitations, burning eyes, mucus in the colon, muscle pain and poor digestion.    General protocol of 12 colon hydrotherapy sessions are recommended over a 10 week period; 2 back to back first week, 2 back to back the next week and one a week for 8 weeks following.  Doing any is better than doing NONE.    For Colonoscopy: minimum of 2 colonics on consecutive days prior to colonoscopy.    For Barium Enema: numerous reports of Barium left inside colon for 20 to 30 years after - only to be released after several colonics.    Colon Hydrotherapy isn't for everyone.....there are contraindications, where a prescription is required. colonic.net is the official site for the LIBBE, made in the U.S.A.
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Colonics $90 per session Far Infrared Sauna is $45, additional person or time in the Sauna $60 Aqua-chi is $40,   The time on the colonics is a 45 min. session, The far infrared sauna is a 40 min. session The aqua-chi is a 35 min. session  
I provide before and after hour services at no extra charge