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Feel Better Naturally L.L.C. Tina Williams Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Therapist 1051 East Bogard Road #14 Wasilla, Alaska 1-907-631-0530
    At Feel Better Naturally L.L.C. you will find a tranquil environment to relax and enjoy your detoxing services. The Aqua-Chi is an ionic footbath, 35 minutes of stimulated water to produce a natural energy that your body can absorb and use without side effects. Using the Aqua- Chi to increase energy means: no caffeine, no sugar, no chemical stimulants with no dehydration. Delivering up to 48 hours of energy, affecting each person differently. Footbaths can be the difference of all day stamina or short energy bursts.       When cells no longer operate efficiently, metabolic energy being used is wasteful. With metabolic energy being wasted you experience fatigue. As we age our blood cells clump and die. The Aqua-Chi revitalizes the blood cells (kind of like a jump start for a vehicle). Providing new life to blood cells throughout the body. Also allowing a reduction in the load on the liver and kidneys.     My experience revealing Candida Albicans was behind my chronic illness. After considerable detoxing, I can attest to being given a new lease on life!!! Individuals report reduced swelling in joints, decreased pain and discomfort of arthritis and much more........
Aqua-Chi, ionic footbath, Wasilla, Houston, Palmer, Big Lake, Willow, Eagle River, Chugiak, AK, Alaska
Colonics $90 per session Far Infrared Sauna is $45, additional person or time in the Sauna $60 Aqua-chi is $40,   The time on the colonics is a 45 min. session, The far infrared sauna is a 40 min. session The aqua-chi is a 35 min. session  
I provide before and after hour services at no extra charge