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Far Infrared Sauna  
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Why Cleanse/Detox the Body? Why Not! " Cleansing saved my life ".  Hello my name is Tina, I got a second chance for a reason: To Help YOU !! Health improvement, more and more in today's Toxic world, we are all searching for answers. Answers to health issues of all kinds: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight Loss/ Inch Loss, Bloating, Constipation, Candida/Yeast, Depression, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Sickness, Aids, etc. Natural Health Care, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Integrative Medicine and all Natural is becoming more popular. There are alternatives to Medications and Surgeries.       At Feel Better Naturally L.L.C. the toxins are removed in three ways: Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna, and Aqua-Chi Ionic Foot Bath.      Not so very long ago my body was in severe distress, TOXIC OVERLOAD. I was 212# and shutting down, deathly ill, my options.... medications and surgery. Nothing was helping and I was getting worse. Then I found COLONICS and the Far Infrared Sauna. My side effects: weight loss, inch loss, increased energy, youthfulness, improved skin, loss of cellulite, softer hair, excellent immune system, lowered blood pressure and much more. Healing Naturally gave me optimal health!!!      Colon Hydrotherapy is also for colonoscopy pre cleansing or alternative colonoscopy cleansing. A definate enima alternative, enimas clean only the sigmoid colon. Colonics cleans the entire large intestines, all the way to the illeocecal valve. With each colonics you clean more of the body, you drop toxins from all over the body. The more you do the more of the body you are cleaning, right down to the blood.     From an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association by J.H. Kellogg, MD ; " Certified Colon Hydrotherapy in today's world is the safest, cleanest, most effective and more comfortable process than ever. I-ACT (International Colon Hydrotherapy) certified therapists are trained by the highest standards in the industry, use only FDA registered equipment and sterile disposable rectal tubes. The public must come to understand that "dis-ease" doesn't just happen....it is "created" and that there is a cause and effect that accumulates over time. There is a well supported theory of the eventual and possible fatal results of "Autointoxication" a condition whereby the body has reached a carrying capacity of toxicity due to poor diet, impaired digestion, stress, food additives, parasites, medications, genetic predisposition and other factors which allows undigested food and toxic chemicals to build-up and literally putrefy and ferment in the bowel for years." Proudly serving Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake, Houston, Willow, Chugiak, Eagle River and all of Alaska.  
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